Jury returns verdicts on Final Exit Network members

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PHOENIX - A jury returned a mixed verdict in a Valley manslaughter trial in which members of a right-to-die group were charged in connection with a Phoenix woman's suicide.

The jury found Dr. Larry Egbert of Baltimore, MD, not guilty.  He serves as medical director at Final Exit Network.

A Scottsdale member of the Network, Frank Langsner, could be retried as the jury came back hung on his charges.  

Both defendants are in their mid-80s.

This case stems from the 2007 suicide of Jana Van Voorhis, of Phoenix. Prosecutors say members of the Final Exit Network brought helium gas tanks and a plastic suffocation hood to Van Voorhis and told her how to use the setup to take her own life.  

Police say that after Van Voorhis was dead, Langsner and others took the tanks and hood away and threw them out.

Attorneys for Egbert and Langsner were relieved with the verdicts and do not expect Langsner to be retried.  His next court date is in May.