Water main break closes part of Congress in west Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It created a big mess, far worse than what it first looked like.  Now a water main break could leave part of Congress Street closed for some time

What was thought to be a small water main break Tuesday, turned out to be something much bigger.

A water main break Tuesday on Congress just west of I-10 lead to the shut down of the road for about a block. 

The 36-inch reclaimed water line hadn't been used for some time.  Tuesday after it was brought back into service, it burst.

"In the process of filling that back up with water, it broke on us over here, and actually it was older pipe that broke," said Fernando Molina from Tucson Water.

Tucson water says none of the residents pipes have been compromised by the leaking water, but had to be shut off for a little Tuesday and for some time Wednesday.

"We only had maybe ten customers that were effected by this.  Their water lines were not compromised," said Molina.

"They cut off the line only for 20 minutes, they inform me today they are going to cut the line again.  They are going to give me some bottled water and service is going to be gone for 3 and a half hours," said Liya Beck from Rudy's Auto Center.

Officials say the street could be closed for about a week so all the preparation and repairs can be done.