Fornoff parents respond to killer's execution date

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TEMPE, Ariz. – Carol and Roger Fornoff's daughter, Christy, was murdered 27 years ago and since then her killer, Donald Beaty, has been sitting on death row.

"It's way too long," Carol Fornoff says. "What kind of justice is that?"

It was May 9, 1984 and Christy was only 13 years old. She was collecting money for her paper route at an apartment complex in Tempe when she was abducted, raped and smothered to death. It was a gruesome murder that total strangers still remember to this day.

"I gave a girl a credit card," said Roger Fornoff, "she looked at it, ran it, and handed it back. Didn't say a word. She knew and that's really great that people do remember."

Donald Beaty was the one who found Christy's body. Shortly after her body was discovered, Beaty was arrested.

He was convicted in court and sentenced to death. Over the years it's been appeal after appeal after appeal that's postponed Beaty's execution, until now.

On Tuesday the Arizona Supreme Court issued an execution warrant and the Department of Corrections has set an execution date for May 25.

"We probably have come to closure,' said Carol. “Yet it is one more step that means the justice system finally works."