Valley man says he's not happy with IRS problem

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PHOENIX – William Bunch is a retired Marine who says he had to stop paying his taxes a few years ago because most of his money was going to medical expenses. "I didn't pay my taxes. I ran out of money," he says.

But last year William realized he needed to catch up on his back taxes. That's when he saw a commercial advertising a company called Tax Masters.

The commercial claims to employ former agents with the Internal Revenue Service.  "I saw their ad on television which is on all the time so I called them up and they sent me all this paperwork and I signed it," William says.

He went ahead and signed all the paperwork and agreed to pay the $900 fee to Tax Masters.

However, after paying, William says there was little communication with Tax Masters and says they never kept him informed about his case.

When he would call, William says the company would say he wasn't in their system.

Then he started getting letters from the IRS. "I got letters from the IRS and they keep charging me more interest so all of a sudden I owed $500."

William says his IRS problem actually grew worse and, according to William, no one from Tax Masters was telling him why. "I want a refund and my papers back, that's all I want," he says.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Tax Masters has earned an "F" rating with nearly 900 complaints that are similar to Willams’ issue.

The BBB's website also indicates that the attorney general in Florida is suing Tax Masters for failing to provide service and other allegations.

The site says the Minnesota attorney general is also suing saying Tax Masters delivered little or no help to consumers.

The state of Texas is investigating Tax Masters for unlawfully misleading customers.

"It makes me mad," William says.

Tax Masters tells 3 On Your Side that William failed to fill out certain paperwork which delayed the process.

However, with our involvement they claim they would expedite his case.

William says that’s all he wants and is glad 3 On Your Side helped get things moving. "They are swamping me with phone calls now and emails.  They really want to get on my case and get it resolved.”