Arizona Weather Camp this summer

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PHOENIX – As the summer approaches, parents know there are many different types of camps available. Now there’s a weather camp in the Valley for 8th and 9th-graders.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix announced the camps, which are going to be held at Arizona State University the last week of July.

Hopefully by then, the monsoon will be in full swing. It’s called the SWIFT Weather Camp and it was developed for kids interested in meteorology and related careers.

Who’s going to be involved? The campers will hear from ASU researchers and meteorologists from the National Weather Service offices. There will be tours and, in a nutshell, I wish there would have been one of these when I was growing up. I’d be there.

So if you’re children are interested, you can get further information at this website:

You can also email the camp sponsors at or check them out on Facebook:

The SWIFT weather camp is held in partnership with Howard University’s NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences and is also supported by funds from NOAA and NSF.

To be clear, this isn’t sponsored by 3TV and we are not recommending the camp, but it sounds like it may be very interesting for your budding meteorologists!