Quadruplets featured on 3TV in '98 now headed to college

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GILBERT, Ariz. – A Gilbert family who let 3TV cameras follow their quadruplets to kindergarten in 1998 is now preparing the teens for their next chapter.

We caught up with the Colyers to see what life has been like raising quadruplets. Parents Tammy and Bill Coyler say it feels like just yesterday they were sending the kids off to class.

Tammy says “It really does go fast.” Raising quads has its share of pros and cons.

Tammy says at times it’s been easier raising siblings the same age. “They were all in the same grade at the same time. They all went through the same stressors at the same time."

Bill believes they’re just like any other family. “One minute they're best friends, the next minute they're screaming at each other and the next minute they're best friends again."

For the kids, growing up as a quadruplet means fascination follows them everywhere. Kaitlyn says, "I think it's what makes us unique but to us we've never known anything else.”

The three girls have enrolled at the University of Arizona. Aaron hopes to get into the U.S. Coast Guard. Bekkah says, "It's going to make us realize how much we miss each other.”

Their mom hopes whatever road each of her children chooses, she predicts. “I believe that they're going to make a mark in the world, either individually or together.”