Man hospitalized, one dog killed during multiple bee attacks

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PHOENIX - Firefighters were called out to three different bee attacks around the West Valley Wednesday afternoon.

One man was sent to the hospital when bees stopped traffic near 43rd Avenue and Greenway Road in Phoenix.

Firefighters said people who were out walking, bicycling and driving with the windows down were all stung.

The bees involved in this attack were from a nearby home where there were bee boxes for harvesting honey. Apparently, when one bee got agitated they all did, stinging a total of four people.

An attack at 62nd Avenue and Ocotillo Road in Glendale killed one dog and seriously injured three others. Those three were taken to the Arizona Humane Society.

The dogs' owner said that the bees had a hive in his yard for about a month. He is a renter and had been trying to get the homeowner to get rid of the bees, but nothing was ever done.

The resident has a total of seven dogs and luckily three of them were inside when the attack occurred.

And an incident at 115th Avenue and Roeser Road in Tolleson happened earlier Wednesday morning when two men were attacked by a swarm of bees.

Firefighters say is you spot a bee hive the best things to do it leave it alone and call an exterminator, but if you encounter a bee swarm or bee attack call 911.