Expect big price increases on more than just gas

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PHOENIX - It's not just gas prices that are going up, expect to dig deeper in other areas too.

It looks as though prices are definitely going up, and if they haven't yet then they will soon. With that in mind, here's an idea of what experts say you can expect to pay more for now.

Round trip airfare has jumped nearly a half dozen times just this year. The reason is fuel prices, and unless gas goes down, airfare will continue to increase.

Coffee is next. In fact, coffee has already increased nearly 30 percent during the past few months before finally leveling off.

How about fast food such as hamburgers?  Restaurants say they are expecting beef prices to go up, so some restaurant chains are predicting a 15 percent hike on burgers.

Fruits and vegetables may be good for you, but not your wallet as those costs are expected to rise. Veggies have increased 23 percent this year and bananas have gone up too.

Household products like toilet paper, toothpaste and trash bags have been targeted for increases soon due to rising ingredient costs.

And finally, soft drinks will cost more soon because packaging and transportation have all gone up.

Insurance for you home and car are expected to rise as well.

And speaking of cars, natural rubber has gone up which means, yes, tire prices will be a little more costly too.