Getting treatment to live life pain free

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PHOENIX - Are pain issues taking over your life? If you deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and want to find a way to bring relief and get your daily life back AZ Pain Centers can help.

Olympic gold medal swimmer Amy Van Dyken thought she was going to have to go to the operating room until she spoke with the doctors at AZ Pain Centers.

Years of Olympic training left Amy with pain. She was experiencing shooting pain down her back when she was walking her dog. Her neck would lock up and she couldn't turn her head, which led to having to stay home from events.

Amy is an example on one end of the spectrum. Patients come in with either low back pain or neck pain caused by a variety of things.

The number one thing AZ Pain Centers does is put the patients priority for dealing with their pain first.

AZ Pain Centers wants to treat a patient's pain without surgery.

For Amy, she is living a better lifestyle. Her lower back pain is gone and her neck has a better range of motion, but she continues to work on managing the pain in that area.

AZ Pain Centers wants every patient to live their life fully participating in all of life's daily activities.

They have a brand new location opening in the East Valley, 18610 E Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek, AZ 480-821-PAIN.