Glendale man, family find more missing money through website

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PHOENIX – Glenn Griffin is all smiles today and why not?  Both of his daughters have two checks from the state of Arizona.

In fact, Maggie's check is for $75 but Emily's check is for $734 dollars.  

Glenn says, "Well, my daughters and I are just so pleased that Gary got involved in this story."

In 3 On Your Side's first report, Glenn was upset that Maggie's savings account at Chase Bank had been closed and all her money had been transferred to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

What he didn't know is that banks are required to do that if an account sits dormant for too long. "It turns out that through Gary's investigating that not only does the state have the right to take money, but they are required to do so," Glenn said.

With 3 On Your Side’s help, I took Glenn and his family to a free website called

where we confirmed Maggie's $75 was safe and secure in the Unclaimed Property Division at The Department of Revenue.

Since then, Glenn searched the site for his other daughter and discovered she had a whopping $734 that had also been transferred to the state.

After filling out some paperwork, 3 On Your side was able to get both girls their money.

Sixteen-year-old Emily says, "I'm probably going to put most of it back into my savings account, but I'll probably spend some it."

Since discovering the website, Glenn says nearly a dozen friends and family have come across money they never knew they had. He says, "My cousin has found five life insurance accounts from when her father passed away. My aunt has found two accounts that were unclaimed."

Glenn says he and his family are amazed and says the website has been nothing less than a gold mine. "This to us is incredible and we are so grateful and happy that Gary Harper got us this money."