Treating shoulder pain

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PHOENIX - Many people deal with shoulder pain and don't get the treatment they need to get rid of the discomfort. 360 Physical Therapy offers programs to help relieve your pain.

The most common complaints people have is pain in the shoulder that radiates in the arm.

Something as mundane as sleeping when you roll over on your arm could be providing enough discomfort to keep you awake at night.

In order to lessen the pain, you might take anti-inflammatory medicine, but that isn't going to be the long term solution to managing shoulder pain.

Specifically looking at the rotator cuff, a series of four muscles which turn in to tendons around ball and socket in the shoulder, the tendon can become inflamed when it is getting pinched.

When a patient comes in, x-rays are taken to determine the severity of the damage to the shoulder.

If there is a tear, an arthroscopic surgery needs to be done, but the cornerstone of treatment is physical therapy.

A good physical therapist will get to the bottom and see what caused that injury and educate the ways to avoid the pain in the future to prevent from making it worse.

A good physical therapist, like those at 360 Physical Therapy, will access the weakened muscles and give balance back to the shoulder.

They will address issues of posture to allow a patient to lift their arm higher and without pain.

As an orthopedic surgeon it is important they are working diligently during each minute of the visit to improve their outcome in living pain free.

At 360 Physical Therapy they work with patients before or after surgery in prevention, preparing for a surgery or managing post-op pain all in an affordable way.