Brewer vetoes 'birther bill' and guns on campus

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A couple controversial bills landed on Governor Jan Brewer's desk Monday afternoon and she vetoed both.

One of them would have allowed guns on school campuses.

The governor shot down SB 1467, not because she disagreed with having guns on campus, but because she claims it was poorly written.

"This bill was very sloppily written and drafted and I believe that it not only effects our education system all the way, by the way, from K-12 all the way to the university and we can't even find out in definition, what is a right of way.  It just wasn't defined to be able to tell the courts or the policemen how they are going to enforce a law like that," said Governor Brewer.

She also pointed out that bill was meant to apply to college campuses, but the way it was written made it also apply to elementary and high schools.

She also shot down the so-called "Birther Bill."

She stated, a political office, such as the Secretary of State, should not decide who's eligible to run for any office, as that could be influenced by personal politics.

And, also, forcing candidates to turn in, 'early baptismal or circumcision certificates,' goes too far.

A bill signed into effect monday by Governor Brewer allows Marana to own its own wastewater treatment facility.

Pima County provides sewer services to the town, but Marana ended its contract in 2007.

Marana plans to take control of a small facility outside the town boundaries and build others.