Tucson candlelight vigil honors those taken by violence

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Some lost their loved ones several years ago, others in recent months.  Saturday night, dozens of people gathered at Childrens Memorial Park to remember victims who lost their life to violence.

They wore ribbons and t-shirts with family members' names imprinted on them. They carried white balloons, each one inscribed with memories and messages of, "I miss you."

"I'm here today to honor and light a candle for my granddaughter Rhia Deia Almeida," said Irene Almeida.

Irene Almeida's 7-year old granddaughter was murdered by a pedophile in June 2009.

"I get very angry.  Because I miss her and it's everyday that I wake up I pray for her," said Almeida.

Attending the homicide survivors candlelight vigil.  Gives her family a chance to talk to other people who understand their pain.

"To be able to hear others, what they've been through just to share with others," said Almeida.

Pima County has had about three dozen homicides so far in 2011.  Many of the people here wonder why it had to happen to their loved one.

"It's just frustrating, its heartbreaking, its annoying," said Almeida.

But these tragic deaths have also shined a light in their lives, it has given families a calling.  To restore peace and make sure their victim is always remembered.

Saturday night was Homicide Survivors' 27th Annual Candlelight Vigil.