Man stung 30 times by bees

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PHOENIX - A man was stung 30 times by a swarm of bees in his front yard on Friday afternoon.

Phoenix firefighters say the 70-year-old man had recently moved into a home near 21st and Roosevelt streets.

He was working in the yard and stirred up the bees.

Crews used an ax to remove a large section of stucco in order to get to the bee hive.

“As we investigated it closer, we found there was a hive that had gone somehow into the home, into the stucco of the house, we opened up the house and we foamed them and that got rid of the bees,” Captain Mike Cruz said

The fire department said the hive has been there for awhile because there were honey combs from the roof all the way to the ground.

The man was taken to the hospital with bee stings to his face and neck.