Family fights musician's deportation

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PHOENIX - A Mexican-born rock star is in a coma at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, following a fight with border patrol agents.

Jose Gutierrez-Guzman is the lead singer for FZ-10, a Hispanic group based in Los Angeles.

He's lived in the United States since he was a child, but remains undocumented.

Gutierrez was deported in March, but tried to gain entry back into the U.S. this week to visit his sick 4-year-old daughter in the hospital.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said Gutierrez was combative. He ended up tasered, badly bruised and unconscious.

"He's black and blue, and his forehead is missing. He has no bone in his forehead because of massive swelling in his brain," said Gutierrez' wife, Shena.

She and their children are all U.S. citizens.

Officials planned to deport Gutierrez, despite his injuries, Friday morning, but the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals intervened and granted him a stay.

In a statement, St. Joseph's Hospital officials said, "The situation related to our patient Jose Gutierrez continues to be very fluid. Earlier today we learned that the federal government will not be prosecuting Mr. Gutierrez, and he is no longer in their custody. Because of this change, any plans to transfer the patient anywhere today have been canceled."