Defending the accused Baseline Killer

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PHOENIX - It’s been five years since the Valley was under siege, living in fear of the Baseline Killer.

We’re now just days away from his capital murder trial.

Veteran Defense Attorney Randall Craig has spent the last four years preparing to defend Mark Goudeau on nine counts of murder and 74 other charges related to the case.

“Mark is doing very well. He is confident about the up and coming trial, we talk pretty much on a daily basis," Craig said.

But defending the accused Baseline Killer has come with mixed reaction.

“I do get some looks and that generally comes from people that have heard little snipits on the news but I guess my reaction is wait until you hear the evidence,” Craig said.

According to Craig, the evidence will prove Goudeau is not guilty, even though the Baseline killings seemed to stop after his arrest in 2007.

“You had killings that picked up sometime after that so I don't really buy the notion that they stopped with Mark Goudeau was apprehended,” Craig said.

Craig hopes to prove Phoenix police arrested the wrong man.

“Terry Smith is going to play an important role in this case,” he said.

Smith had been released from prison just months before the Baseline Killer attacks started.

If convicted of just one of the nine murders, Goudeau will face the death penalty.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on April 19.