Woman says mortgage company is refusing to take her payments

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QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. - A Queen Creek woman said her mortgage company is refusing to take her mortgage payments. 

Cadi Hunsaker and her family are pretty proud of their Queen Creek home.

“We went from house to house before, this is the longest we've ever lived anywhere,” she said.

But Cadi said she's scared she and her family might lose the home because of their mortgage company.

“They started rejecting our payment in October,” she said.

As strange as it sounds, Jennifer claims when she sends her mortgage payment online to EMC which is now owned by Chase it keeps getting kicked back to her.

“Just take our money, help us to stay in our home, take my money, I feel like we're doing the responsible thing, we're paying our mortgage,” she said.

Cadi said every time she calls her mortgage company she can't get a straight answer as to why they keep rejecting her mortgage payment.

Chase told 3 On Your Side they're having no problems accepting payments from other customers. However, the bank said it's continuing to look into the issue to find out what the problem is.

Cadi said she hopes they get to the bottom of it soon because she's scared to find out what will happen if they don't.

“I am afraid that I'm going to come home and there's going to be a great big sign on my door that we need to evacuate or we need to move out,” she said.

This is a real cloudy issue because there is a loan modification going on and that modification is throwing a curve ball into things.

But when Chase sorts things out, 3 On Your Side will update the story.