How to protect your tax payment

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PHOENIX -- If you owe taxes this year, you want to make sure to protect your payment.

According to Shauna Wekherlien, aka "the Tax Goddess," you should send your payment with a certified return receipt. Make sure to not exactly what you sent and when you sent it on the white slip that you keep.

You also want to be sure to write your last name and Social Security number in the memo portion of your check. That way, your payment can still be processed even if it becomes separated from the voucher form at the IRS office.

Wekherlien said that happens more than you might think.

"If your name and Social [Security  number] are not in that memo section,your payment literally goes into an 'unfound pool,' she explained. "Until you call them to tell them, 'I sent you money. Why don't you have it?' it sits in the unfound pool.

"The best thing you can do to protect yourself, make sure your Social Security [number] and your last name are in that memo section, and you're sending it certified return receipt."

For you last-minute filers, the U.S. Post Office at 4949 E. Van Buren Street in Phoenix (main office) will be open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 18. Several other USPS locations will be open late, as well. For a complete list. visit

In addition, several UPS Store locations will have extended hours on Monday. Call your local UPS Store for more information.