4 Common tax return mistakes: Did you make one of them?

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PHOENIX – It’s April 15, which is normally tax day, but because it’s a bank holiday in Washington, D.C. – Emancipation Day – you have a few extra days to file. Taxes are due Monday, April 18.

If you’re waiting until the last minute, you’re not alone. Rushing to finish, however, can lead to errors.

According to Bill Brunson of the Internal Revenue Service, there are three common mistakes, all of which are easily fixed. The first is simple math errors – basic addition and subtraction. Be sure to take your time and double check your figures.

Second, make sure you sign and date your tax forms.

“They’ll send it in, but they won’t sign it,” Brunson said. “For a married couple filing jointly, both spouses need to sign.”

Third, if you’re getting a refund and are requesting direct deposit to your check or savings account, confirm your routing and account numbers.

Brunson said one of the biggest errors he sees has to do with dependents.

“People will not spell the last name of the dependent right or they will not put the correct Social Security number on the return,” he explained.

Any one of these errors can cause a delay if you’re expecting a refund.

Brunson said if you electronically file your taxes and opt for direct deposit, you can get your refund is 10 days or less. With direct deposit, you don’t run the risk of your refund check can’t be lost, stolen or returned as undeliverable.

If you’re ready to file your return, you can use Free File on the IRS website. You can also file for a six-month extension. That extension is to file the paperwork, not to pay taxes you might owe.