Funeral for young Tucson shooting victim

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Friends and family gathered Wednesday morning downtown to say goodbye to 7-year-old Johnathan Federico.  A boy they say was taken way too early.

Children are supposed to outlive their parents, but when senseless acts of violence prevent that from happening.  It's hard to take.

"To experience the loss of a loved one is always very hard," said Deacon of Diocese of Tucson Salvador Carmona.

This morning in front of Saint Augustine Cathedral, friends welcomed the family of 7-year-old Johnathan Federico as they unloaded his casket.  A funeral service for the young boy who was shot and killed early Saturday morning.

"It's very hard.  It leaves empty space in a family unit," said Carmona.

Family and friends weren't in the talking mood when the service got over around 10:30 Wednesday morning.

Many of them donned t-shirts with John's face on the back to remember the little boy who died without reason.

"We want our children to grow up and to be somebody in the world and all of a sudden something like this happens, it's very hard to take," said Carmona.

Friends and family made their way to Holy Hope Cemetery on Oracle after the funeral for Johnathan's burial.

Wednesday evening a vigil was held for young Johnathan where the tragedy occurred, near Corbett Elementary School at Sahuara and 29th Street.

A lot of tears shed, grieving over a senseless tragedy.

And we finally have a first look at the man charged with killing little Johnathan.

This is Alvin Valenzuela, police say he fired a shot toward an apartment when he hit Johnathan.

Valenzuela has a violent criminal history in New Mexico.