Tucson musicians release album for January shooting victims

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Three months after the deadly shootings on January 8, numerous musical acts from all over Tucson released an album Tuesday to pay homage to those who died and those who survived.

The album was made possible thanks to the contributions of hundreds of people from dozens of groups and studios.

Because so many people were involved, it took a long time to put the project together.  The CD titled "Can We Get Together" will benefit the victims of the January 8 tragedy with proceeds going to Homicide Survivors.

"The survivors I know will be so honored," said Carol Gaxiola from Tucson Homicide Survivors.

"It's just a humbling experience to be apart of this for me personally.  I never imagined my song would be the title track but I'm very humble and grateful for that," said local musician Kelly Pardi.

Kelly Pardi has been a folk singer in the Old Pueblo for years. And when he was asked to be apart of this project he jumped at the opportunity not just as a citizen of Tucson but as a father.

He can't imagine losing his daughter, like the family of Christina-Taylor Green.

"It rips your heart out in a way nothing else possible can," said Pardi.

Homicide survivors will benefit from the album which is available right now around town, but all the artists hope it will do much more.

"What you see behind me is a representation of Tucson and we are turning tragedy into hope and into love and kindness," said Gaxiola.

The album is available at numerous locations in town and Amazon.com.