Expect increase for bus and water service

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's going to cost a little bit more to ride the bus.

City council approving a Sun Tran fare hike, after Tuesday night's public hearing.

Folks spoke out for and against the increase in fares, but the city needed to find $1.6 million to fund Sun Tran.

Full Sun Tran fares jump $.25 to $1.50.

And low income fares climb $.10 to $.50, which is not as large of a hike as previously recommended.

So it was a big victory because people came out and gave voice to poor people's needs and the mayor and council stood tall and they're not going to necessarily balance their budget on the poor people's backs.

This is the first time the low income fare has gone up in over a decade.

The increase will take effect July 1.

Sun Tran isn't the only service to have a rate hike. Council also held a public hearing on the water service.

The city is planning to raise the water rates. It's likely going to increase by 30% over a four year period.