Neve Campbell - 'Scream 4'

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PHOENIX – Wes Craven’s “Scream 4” hits the big screen Friday and it features members of the cast that made the original movie such a huge sensation, including Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and, of course, Neve Campbell.

The actress checked in live via satellite to tell Tara Hitchcock a bit about the movie, which is set 10 years after the original, and what her character, Sidney Prescott, is up to.

At first, Campbell was not sure about being part of the fourth installment of “Scream.”

“I was really happy we had made a successful trilogy, three great films that people enjoyed,” she said. “I was nervous about whether we’d actually be able to make another good one, one that would meet the expectations of audiences.”

Once writer Kevin Williamson approached Campbell, she realized that the idea for “Scream 4” was fresh and original. Based on her experience at the premiere, Campbell believes they have indeed made another great movie.

“People were screaming and laughing and yelling at the screen,” she said. “It really reminded me of why people enjoy these films. It’s audience participation. It’s like ‘Rocky Horror’ or something.”

Those in the know say “Scream 4” is the most direct sequel to the first movie.

“I’m loving that people are saying that,” Campbell said. “The characters go back to Woodsboro where the films began. It’s a big reminder of the first [movie].”

In this chapter of the movie, Sidney has overcome her trauma and written a self-help book. The last stop of her book tour is Woodboro, where we first met Ghostface all those years ago. “Trouble ensues, as usual,” Campbell laughed.

The “Scream” movies are not just about scaring the audience; they are also campy, clever, and actually fun.

“You can’t take it too seriously. It’s a horror film!” Campbell said. “What was great about the original is that it was self-referential and witty and made fun of horror films themselves while making one. … He [Williamson] has managed to do that again with this film.”

Like the three before it, “Scream 4” is rated R.