Travel: 3 websites to score great deals and 4 on-the-go gadgets

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PHOENIX -- Summer is right around the corner, and if you're planning on heading out of town, chances are you'll be taking a few gadgets.

Andrea Eldridge, the CEO and co-founder of Nerds on Call showed Kaley O'Kelley some great tech toys that are perfect for traveling.

The Virgin Mobile MiFi is a portable, pay-as-you-go WiFi hot spot.

The iPad and iPod Touch can be great sources of entertainment, especially on those long plane rides. The iPod Touch is perfect if you want something smaller than an iPad. Both devices allow you to watch movies, play games, read e-books, and more.

The GE DV HD Camcorder is  a pocket-size video camera that is waterproof and shock proof.

The Revolve Xe Mini Universal Charger will ensure that your rechargeable gadgets (like your cell phone) don't run out of juice. It has a wall and a car charger, as well as a mini solar panel.

If you haven't planned or purchased your summer tip yet, Eldridge also shared three Websites designed specifically to help you score great deals -- HipMunk, TravelZoo, and Bookingbuddy.

All three sites are free to use and none of them tacks extra fees on to your travel purchases.