Wake held for 7-year-old shooting victim

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A wake was held Tuesday night for the 7-year-old boy shot outside his apartment early Saturday.

Family gathered outside the chapel to talk about some of their favorite memories of little Johnathan Federico.

They wore matching shirts, with the smiling face of a boy taken too soon.  Family members recalled their favorite moments with the 7-year-old they lovingly called Jon Jon.

"He really loved to dance and he was always making everybody smile," said Johnathan's aunt Aurelia Guerrero.

"We would go outside, play with little toy cars and everything," said Johnathan's cousin Deonte Washington.

"Just strummed the guitar there until he got tired and he used to say sing me a song and I would," said Johnathan's uncle Sergio Rodriguez.

Often described as spunky, Johnathan Federico loved playing with his many cousins.

"We were both at my brother's wedding and the first thing we ever did to each other was throw cake at our faces," said Johnathan's cousin Jessica Garivaldi.

Big brother Rolando decided to pay tribute in a special way.

"I put R.I.P. Jon Jon just for people to know," said Johnathan's brother Rolando Federico.

Family members bury their sorrow, with memories of the good times.  Still many ask themselves why was a little boy's life taken so violently.

"Everybody's not really sure of who what when and why and we question god even though our faith is strong why did it have to be one of ours," said Johnathan's uncle Steven Washington.

There is some comfort, they say, with Jon Jon's soul resting in eternal peace.

"He'll just be missed and he's going to have a lot of candy up there," said Rolando.

Johnathan Federico will be laid to rest Wednesday morning at Holy Hope cemetery.

And the Federico family is trying to raise more money to pay for funeral expenses, so they're planning more car washes for this weekend.

This time, they will be held at the Saguaro Express Liquor near 22nd Street and craycroft on Friday through Sunday starting at noon.

A family friend works at the location, and he says he wanted to help them through this tough time.

"I've heard about the shooting and the little kid so my heart goes out to the family right now so I really want to help them out its really about doing the right thing," said Duraid Slewa from Saguaro Express Liquor.

There is also a memorial fund set up for Federico's family. To donate, go to any Chase Bank location and mention Federico's name.