Woman speaks to 3TV after dad is killed in road rage argument

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GILBERT, Ariz. - An outgoing man who could make friends with anybody is the way Jessica Fickes describes her dad. He died after a road rage confrontation turned violent Saturday in Gilbert.

Mitchell Fickes, 56, was approaching the intersection of Williams Field and Market, near the San Tan Village Mall, when a police report states "a white Dodge cut off the silver Ford" belonging to Fickes. Stopped at the light, police say Fickes exited his truck and approached the other driver, Matthew Bohls, 23. Both men were armed.

Bohls ended up shooting Fickes in the face, torso and leg, according to the report recently released. He told police it was self-defense and has not been charged.

But there are conflicting reports about whether Bohls was really in danger. Some witnesses told police Fickes left his truck "with a gun in his hand" and others at the scene said they "never did see the victim with a gun."

"All that I can say is I think mistakes were made," Jessica Fickes said. "I don't know by who because I have to let the police do their investigation."

But Fickes said she doesn't believe her dad ever wanted to harm Bohls.

"I want to believe that my dad didn't have the gun in his hand because I know my father, I know how we were raised, and I will stick to that in my heart until someone proves me wrong," she said.

Mitch Fickes, a former Marine veteran who often spent his time with other wounded vets, also volunteered with Toys for Tots. He would often be seen tinkering in his garage on his motorcycle or one of his many other projects. Fickes was getting ready to retire from his overnight job with the United States Postal Service to spend more time with his wife, Sherie, and grandson.

A few people who have come forward have painted Fickes as a bit of a bully who intimidated his neighbors. And to that Jessica Fickes says, "It's not my dad. Whatever anybody wants to perceive I know in my heart who my dad was."

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office hasn't received the case from Gilbert Police but could decide to file charges against Bohls. Our attempt to reach Bohls were not returned.

Jessica Fickes said she'll accept the conclusion that officials come to, whatever that may be.

"All you can do is hope and pray that the truth comes out, whatever that truth is we will deal with it as a family," she said.