Glendale man says he owns truck but can't get the title

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – A Glendale man says he really likes and enjoys the pre-owned truck he recently purchased. 

Sonny Newton smiles when he describes it. "It's a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It's a four-wheel drive."

Sonny purchased the truck from a Tucson car lot called Unique Imports.  He gave a cashier's check to them for more than $11,000 but after driving it around for 2½ months, Sonny says the car lot still hasn't sent him the title indicating he's the new owner even though he paid for it in full. 

"I've made multiple phone calls to the dealership and there doesn't seem to be anyone there who can offer any assistance or help."

Sonny says he's concerned that the title to the truck still might be in the previous owner's name and that's a problem because he's already handed over $11,000.

Getting no answers, Sonny contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I contacted Gary Harper because I've been unsuccessful. I see you on TV all the time and I'm hopeful you can do some investigative work."

My first contact was the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles where I discovered the car lot did transfer over the title into Sonny's name. Seeing that was great news because it meant, legally, Sonny actually did own the car.

But if the title to the truck was transferred and a license plate was issued, where are these items?  After all, license plates were included in the price of the transaction and picked up.

Unique Imports tells 3 On Your Side that they assume they mailed the title and license plates to Sonny and that if he doesn't have them, the items must be lost. 

Unique Imports says that's the main reason why they don't like mailing important documents like titles and license plates.

I resorted to Plan B and went back to MVD for assistance. Officials there told me they'll be happy to issue a replacement license plate and a duplicate title to Sonny.

In fact, Sonny has an appointment at an MVD office on Friday where MVD managers are waiting to assist him. Sonny says that's good news to him and it really makes him feel relieved. He says he had no idea what to do to resolve this issue at the beginning, and he's sure happy he wrote to me for help.