Despite best gas prices, Tucson motorists still feeling the pinch

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A new survey shows the cheapest gas in the country is here in the Old Pueblo, but shelling out more money to fill up is still taking a toll on drivers.

They might be the lowest in the nation but Tucson gas prices are getting a rise out of local motorists.

Some Tucson drivers are coping with fuel frustrations by taking a little pleasure in the misery of others shelling out even more for regular unleaded.

"I'm from Flagstaff originally so gas prices are a little bit higher.  So, moving here, I definitely noticed a difference," said a Tucson motorist.

With the national average hovering around $3.75 and the highest price well over $4, one could say $3.49 at the Shell on Grant and First is cause for celebration.  But some motorists are still trimming their budgets.  Others refuse to be a slave to skyrocketing prices.

"We take the back roads to places we make journeys out of everything we do," said another Tucson motorist.

Many drivers say it's nothing shocking.

The average gas price in the America is $.91higher than the same time last year.