Robert Pattinson 'Water for Elephants'

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PHOENIX -- You might know him best as the vampire Edward from "Twilight," but Robert Pattinson is full of life in his newest movie.

Tara Hitchcock sat down with Pattinson to talk about "Water for Elephants."

When he first signed on for the movie, he thought it was a relatively small role.

"It's strange. When you read the script, I hardly have any lines at all," he said. "I read it really quickly. I read it the same day I met Tai, the elephant. I really wanted to work with the elephant so I kind of rushed through the script."

Pattinson shares much of his screen time with Tai, and the two developed a bond.

"There's something about knowing that this creatures kind of knows you," he said. "You're so proud of it. ... There was a scene when we were both inside the train car and we both fell asleep together and she literally had her trunk around me. We were both fast asleep. I thought, 'How many times can this happen in your life?'"

Pattinson also adored his human co-star Reese Witherspoon.

"She nice to absolutely everybody. She's got a really genuine spirit. The days when she was on set and the days she wasn't, you could really tell the difference because she projects an aura of joyousness around her."

Based on The New York Times Bestseller, "Water for Elephants" opens on April 22.

Later this year, Pattinson will appear in the third installment of the "Twilight" series.