Violence in first weeks of regular baseball season

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PHOENIX-- A foul-mouthed fan in Pittsburgh was beaten with clubs and tased by police on Saturday, after he refused to leave a Pirates game.

The suspect, Scott Ashley, eventually started to leave but not before pushing a ballpark employee. Ashley has been charged with public drunkenness and resisting arrest.

A much more serious incident outside of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles last month has left a man in critical condition. Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, was attending a game in L.A. when he was brutally beaten in the parking lot by two men wearing Dodgers jerseys. Moments before the assault, Stow sent a text to a family member saying he didn't feel safe.

"It's a disgrace, and those thugs that did it," said Tommy Lasorda, former Dodgers manager said on Monday. "When we get a hold of 'em, they should be thrown in jail for a lifetime."

At the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Monday night, the scene was very different. Fans of the opposing team, the St. Louis Cardinals, sat peacefully next to people in D-backs gear.

Fans say the atmosphere is always relaxed, even if you're rooting for the "other" team.

"You may get people saying a couple things, especially if the D-backs win, but I don't feel like I'm going to get punched in the back of the head," said Cardinals fan David Prueter.

Arizona fans are encouraged to text conduct complaints in their section, and security will come check out the situation.

As for the violence last month in Los Angeles, Prueter said, "I can understand rivalries on the field being heated but it should never extend to the parking lot... that's just ridiculous."