Tucson family hopes for miracle for daughter with brain injury

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A Tucson family is hoping for a miracle.  Last November, their teenage daughter was severely injured in a car crash. Now she has massive brain damage, and her family doesn't know how they're going to care for her.

Jessyka Murray, 17, was once an outgoing Canyon Del Oro high school student.  Now Jessyka spends her days in a hospital bed.

"She has to be hoisted out of her bed into a wheel chair, she breathes on her own, but she's being fed out of a tube, she cant speak or move on her own," said Jessyka's brother Griffin Murray.

On November 14 Jessyka was a passenger in her friend's car. When they were struck by another car making an illegal turn.

For months she's been staying at a Tucson rehabilitation center that costs about $4,000 a week.

Up until now, insurance has covered those costs, but recently the insurance company said it could no longer pay for Jessyka's medical care.

"Literally the most difficult portion of it is dealing with how we're going to make it to the next step," said Griffin.

Saturday Jessyka's family and friends held a fundraiser. It was the start of a campaign to save her once her insurance coverage runs out.

With the help of several local businesses, community members and her brother Griffin's fellow marines, they collected hundreds of items to be raffled off.

"I think it would mean the world to her to know how many people really care about our own," said family friend Christina Boucher.

Together they hold out hope for some sort of miracle for a teenage girl who wouldn't expect any less.

"One of the biggest things that keeps the family with hope and faith is the fact that Jessyka may be only a 17-year-old girl, but she's extremely strong," said Griffin.

Jessyka's family plans to hold more fundraisers in the future.  To learn how you can help, visit the J.T. Reno site, and scroll down to the Jessyka Murray Hope Fund.