Tucson boy shot, family speaks

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The older brother of 7-year-old Johnathan Federico is wondering why someone would take the life of his best friend.

Johnathan was killed early Saturday morning right outside his family's apartment near 29th Street and Craycroft Road.

One minute he was a happy little boy the next, his seven years of life were cut short by gun shots.

Johnathan Federico's family is hoping their little boy's memory will prevent another tragedy.

A growing make-shift memorial sits outside the apartment complex where Johnathan Federico was shot early Saturday morning.

"We don't understand and I don't think we will ever understand," said Jonathon's cousin Linda Terrazas.

Johnathan was being cared for by a babysitter when they heard gun shots ring out from the school yard at nearby Corbett Elementary.  The 7-year-old ran outside and was shot.

He later died at the hospital. 

Police have arrested 21-year-old Alvinthe Valenzuela of sells in connection with the murder.

"Was justice served? Yes, because we believe they caught the guy, but will it bring Johnathan back? No, it won't," said Linda Terrazas.

Sunday flowers, a stuffed animal, and Johnathan's baseball mitt are all reminders of the good times family members had with this spunky 7-year-old.

"We always used to play baseball together and last time we played.  He hit his first homerun," said Fernando Federico.

Johnathan's 10-year-old brother Fernando can't understand how someone could do this to the little boy he always wanted to protect.

"He always met friends everywhere he went.  And he was just a nice little boy he didn't do nothing to nobody," said Fernando.

The family says now they'd like to see the community come together more, to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.

"It's ridiculous how people do random stupid acts like that and take Innocent lives for what," said Linda.

Johnathan's family says all they can do is take it day by day.

"Everybody's gonna miss him," said Fernando Federico.

Johnathan's family will be holding a car wash Monday to raise money for his family.

It will be from 8 A.M. to four, at the AutoZone on 22nd and Wilmot.