McDonald's has free breakfast for students taking AIMS test

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PHOENIX -- Nearly 300 McDonald's restaurants throughout Phoenix and northern Arizona are offering a free breakfast to students who are taking the AIMS test Monday.

Today is the first day of AIMS (Arizona's Instrument To Measure Standards) testing, which goes on all week.

As Tess Rafols explained, the breakfast will include an Egg McMuffin® and a milk or a small orange juice or apple juice, and is available to all third- through eighth-grade students who are taking the AIMS test. The students must be accompanied by a parent.

The goal is to help kids "fuel up" before taking the big test.

"We all know that students who are fueled up and ready to take a test are going to score better," Jerry Gehrke, director of operations for McDonald's. "They have more energy. They have improved memory. Their test scores are going to be better if they have a good breakfast. ... We can offer the students that free breakfast."

The free breakfast offer kicked off at 6 a.m. and will be available until 9 a.m. Monday.

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