Feds face deadline for answering Brewer's suit

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PHOENIX (AP) -- U.S. Justice Department lawyers face a Thursday deadline for filing an answer to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's lawsuit that accuses the federal government of failing to control the state's border with Mexico and enforce immigration laws.

The federal government hasn't yet responded to the counter-lawsuit that Brewer filed two months ago as part of the Justice Department's lawsuit that seeks to invalidate the state's immigration enforcement law.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which is in charge of policing the nation's borders, has called Brewer's lawsuit meritless.

Brewer's lawsuit accuses the federal government of sticking the state with huge costs associated with jailing illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has put the most controversial sections of the enforcement law on hold.

Brewer has appealed that ruling.