Roasted Garlic Matzo Ball Chicken Soup

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3-Pounds Chopped Raw Chicken
1-Onion, Chopped
1-Gallon Chicken Stock
½ Cup Garlic, minced
1 Pound Carrots, chopped
½ Cup Olive Oil
2-Cups Parsley
1-Pound Celery-Chopped
2-Tablespoons Salt
1-Tablespoon Pepper

Heat Olive oil in a pan, add onion, carrots, celery, parsley, garlic, chicken and cinnamon stick, sauté until tender.  Add Chicken Stock, salt and pepper; bring to a boil and reduce to a slow simmer for 1 hour

Matzo Balls
2-Cups Matzo Meal
1-Tablespoon Parsley, Chopped
4-Tablespoons Margarine (melted)
4-Tablespoons Club Soda
2-Teaspoons Mo’ Rockin Spice

Mo’ Rockin Spice Mixture

1 ½ Cups each of:  Granulated Garlic, Onion Powder and Paprika
1 ¼ Cups Each of:  Salt and Coriander
¾ Cup: Dry Mint
2/3 Cup: Cayenne Pepper
½ Cup Each of:  Oregano, Cumin, Thyme, Basil and Sage

Mix all dry ingredients together, then add, eggs and margarine, fold in club soda, refrigerate for 45 minutes

After refrigeration is complete, roll dough into small balls, and drop into soup, continue cooking for 45 minutes & Serve