City of Peoria finally agrees to drop blood bill

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PHOENIX – There is yet another update to the Peoria family who claims the city of Peoria is hounding them for a bill they shouldn't have to pay.

3 On Your Side aired two previous news reports regarding this matter but there seems to be a new development.

After our two reports, the city of Peoria decided to drop the bill altogether and not hold the family responsible. 

Jennifer says, "There was no one within the city that was willing to do the right thing but then came Gary Harper and if it weren't for him I'd be stuck with this $2,000 bill."

In 3 On Your Side's first report, we told you about Jennifer's son who had punctured himself with a steak knife.

As her son waited outside for an ambulance to arrive, small drops of blood fell to the sidewalk and street. 

As a result, the city of Peoria later hired a bio-hazard company out of Tucson which is 2½ hours away, to clean up the blood.  The city paid the company and then stuck Jennifer and her family with the $2,000 bill. Almost half of the bill was travel time from Tucson.

After our involvement, the city agreed to remove the travel charges and reduced the amount she owed. However, they still pursued her for $1,200.

Angry viewers wrote to 3 On Your Side saying Jennifer shouldn't have to pay anything and Jennifer agreed.  "We feel violated and abused at this point."

Well, maybe 3 On Your Side isn't the only one who heard from upset residents because after our second report aired, the city of Peoria decided to drop the bill altogether and not pursue Jennifer for the clean-up. 

"The City Attorney's Office had called and told me that they were talking about the situation and they agreed that it was in the best interest of the city at this point to go ahead and drop the bill," Jennifer tells 3 On Your Side.

In an email to me, the city of Peoria claims Jennifer son was negligent by accidentally puncturing himself and the city should not be responsible for his negligence.  

They also maintain they hired the Tucson clean-up company because it was the only company available. Since this incident, they say they are looking to see if there are more bio-hazard companies available to prevent hiring one out-of-town again. 

Regardless, Jennifer says because that because of my involvement, the bill went from $2,000 down to $1,200 and now down to nothing. 

“No one was willing to help me at all within the city,” Jennifer said. “They all looked the other way and pretended nothing was happening and if it wasn't for Gary Harper and 3 On Your Side I don't know what I would do."