Arizona university regents weigh budget cut options

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TUCSON, Ariz. --Arizona's education cuts were at the center of a meeting Thursday between NAU, ASU and the U of A.

The intuition's regents sat down Thursday morning to figure out what to do about the shortfall and whether or not to raise tuition.

It took almost 8 hours to come to a resolution.

At hand, how to deal with a budget short fall from the state legislature and whether to tap into their rainy day fund reserves or raise tuition.

They decided to do both.

"We're among the lowest funded higher education in the United States,"

At the end of the long day, the first proposal said students tuition at the U of A would increase by a little over $1700.

After an amendment passed to give back a $750 rebate, students and parents will pay an additional $1,000 for next year.  An increase, but not as much as originally feared.

"In the greater good always looking to compromise, my main mission was that we exhaust the reserves we have in favor in return reduction the tuition proposal,"

"I think this conclusion although unexpected is something students will be satisfied with,"

The regents will continue their meeting Friday, but it will not be taking up issues as big as the budget battle Thursday.