Kyl: Biggest issue of potential shutdown is pay for military

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PHOENIX -- Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl said everybody is hoping for an agreement on the budget  Friday to avert a potential government shutdown.

Kyl warned that even if an agreement is reached Friday, it will probably take at least a couple of days to get it "signed, sealed, and delivered to the president."

Because of that, Kyl said, it's possible that the government could still shut down for a few days even once a deal have been reached.

"While there could be some inconveniences to people because of that ... it is not something that is going to disrupt people's lives as long as it doesn't go on too long," the senator said.

Kyl said the "most pernicious" thing about the situation is that paychecks to members of the military could be delayed.

"We expect them to show up to work every day to protect our interests, but they don't get paid on time," he said. "Yes, they'll get paid, but some of those paychecks could be delayed.

"The inconveniences to the rest of us are not that important, but for the people in the military -- some young families living paycheck to paycheck -- it's a big deal. ... That's the part that's most distressing about this."

Many are accusing lawmakers of playing politics with people's lives.

"It is true that people on both sides of the aisle are pressing their agendas," Kyl said. "But there's a point at which you have to back off .... Because of the greater good, there are some things we can do here to reach an agreement as to avoid, in this case, a government shutdown. Both parties could do that."

Kyl, a Republican, said he believes his party is being reasonable and the other party is not.

Kyl reiterated that even if there is a short-term shutdown, most people will not be affected too much and emergency services and assistance would still be available as needed.