Anger over police fundraisers for cop accused of murder

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PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association threw a barbecue to raise money for Richard Chrisman, the Phoenix police officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed man, and many people were not happy about it.

More than 100 protesters showed up to voice their concerns at the PLEA station off 11th Avenue and Adams Street in Phoenix. Using a megaphone, those protesters shouted at everyone who entered to grab a bite to eat.

PLEA used this event to raise a few thousand dollars to help Chrisman.

During a domestic call on Oct. 5, 2010, Chrisman shot and killed Daniel Rodriguez and his dog. Rodriguez was unarmed at the time, according to the other police officers on scene.

Court documents show Chrisman pulled his pistol, put it against Rodriguez's head and told him he didn't need a warrant when Rodriguez ordered him out of his house.

Chrisman allegedly shocked Rodriguez with a stun gun, and then fatally shot Rodriguez and his pit bull. Chrisman's lawyer says his client had just cause in the shootings.

Chrisman, who was fired last month, is set to go to court in June to face his charges

The money gathered at Thursday’s event will help pay bills while Chrisman’s case works its way through court.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.