Southwest Gas feeling heat from outage

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SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. -- It's been over two months since the temperatures plunged to the teens. 

At the same time, thousands of Southwest Gas customers in Southern Arizona found themselves without heat or hot water.

Some of them got the opportunity to tell the Arizona Corporation Commission about their experience.

Donna Lium and her husband had to find out there was a gas outage from a furnace repairman, not Southwest Gas.

Wednesday night, the Liums let the Arizona Corporation Commission and Southwest Gas officials in the audience know their story. How they sat in a freezing house for almost four days, waiting for the gas company to arrive.

"Our best bet was to go to bed and try to stay warm," said Sierra Vista resident Donna Lium.

Commissioner's heard many unfortunate stories Wednesday.

"I had just gotten back from surgery and my house was down to freezing," said Sierra Vista resident Robert Hebert.

In the meantime, no one could get through to the gas company.

"I was just sitting in bed with a space heater on my chest, not nice," said Hebert.

Now these folks want Southwest Gas to pay up.

"We've got $1200 in repairs that were uncalled for," said Lium.

The Liums have pictures of the damage and receipts of money spent.  Vivid reminders of days spent in a frigid home.

These Sierra Vista residents claim it's a result of carelessness on the part of Southwest Gas and their worried it could happen again.