PCC, NAU agreement helps students continue education

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Northern Arizona University's main campus is located in Flagstaff.  But now it's possible to go to school at NAU while staying at Pima Community College in Tucson while you do it.

Going to school at NAU without leaving Tucson just got a little easier.

"we've signed a joint admission agreement between pima coommunity college and northern arizona university," said Jon Hager from Northern Arizona University.

That means students who are currently going for an associates degree at Pima Community can continue to pursue a bachelor's degree staying in the Old Pueblo rather than heading up to Flagstaff.

"What it really means for a student jointly enrolled at the two institutions hopefully over a four year period and our intent is to speed the pathway and produce more bachelorrette degrees,"

Bilinda Mize is one of those students who's getting ready to graduate after taking advantage of a similar program between the two schools

"They just made it so much easier for me to continue on my degree without any conflicts or anything," said Mize.

Bilinda wanted to stay home because of her job at Raytheon, but she knew a bachelors degree was important to both her and her employer.

"That's what made the decision for me to continue on at nau to get a business degree," said Mize.

Now that students can continue their education at NAU without leaving Southern Arizona, the two schools' heads hopes more will take advantage of the new agreement.

The two chancelors say the new agreement will save Southern Arizona families hundreds of dollars staying home, instead of moving to Flagstaff to get a degree.