UA Spring Fling Safety checks following Houston lawsuit

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The U of A's annual Spring Fling is getting set to start at the Rillito Downs, and the midway company bringing the rides is now the subject of a lawsuit.

A man in houston last month fell out of a roller coaster and died.  Now his family is suing Ray Cammack Shows for negligence.

The roller coaster in question is not being set up in Tucson and RSC carnivals has hired an outside company to inspect all the rides as they are set up.

"I'm looking to make sure the rides are set up to the manufacturers specifications.  Just basically making sure that they set it up correctly," said Field representative Richard Achard.

Ray cammack shows is not required by the State of Arizona to hire an outside inspector.  All that's required here is that someone from the carnival inspects their own rides.

This inspector says he considers RCS the safest midway in the country.