'Hanna' - Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Joe Wright

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PHOENIX – Director Joe Wright and Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, who first worked together on “Atonement,” have teamed up again to tell the story of a teenage girl who was trained as a soldier and isolated from the rest of the world.

According to Wright, “Hanna” is a thriller with the use of a fairytale wand.

Tara Hitchcock sat down with Ronan -- who is amazing as Hanna -- Wright, and Eric Bana, who plays Hanna’s father who happens to be ex-CIA.

Ronan trained for months to play Hanna.

“I would train for two hours a day in the gym, and train in martial arts, as well,” she said.

By the time they started filming, Ronan was in such great shape she gave Bana a run for his money. According to Wright, Bana was somewhat battered when all was said and done.

“He would hold back quite a bit, and I would go straight for him,” Ronan said. “With that kind of interaction, I probably caused him some pain I imagine.”

“She was just faultless, physically,” Bana said. “She was really committed and she was a great athlete on this movie.”

Wright said he’s constantly amazed by Ronan’s maturity. She’s 16 now, but she was just 12 when she and Wright worked together on “Atonement.”

“She has evolved as an actress,” Wright explained. “She’s a lot more in control of her craft. … She’s still working from a place of an extraordinary imagination. That’s where her talent lies, I think.”

Cate Blancett plays a CIA agent who won’t rest until Hanna is dead.

“She’s good bad,” Bana said. “She should do wicked a lot more, I think.”

This was the first opportunity Bana has had to work with his fellow Aussie.

“I wish we had more scenes together, but it was very exciting to work with both Saoirse and Cate.”

“Hanna” is rated PG-13 and opens on Friday.