AA offering new flights out of Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- If competition is good for the customer, then things just got better for those of us who fly out of Tucson International Airport.

American Airlines is adding flights to LAX.

It is the beginning of a new era for American Airlines in Tucson.

"We have a long standing history in the Tucson community. We fly today to Chicago, Dallas and today we're rounding out the portfolio by offering service to three times a day to Los Angeles," said Brian Couttes.

For the first time, American Airlines' regional service, American Eagle is flying out of Tucson to Los Angeles. And the first flight was full.

The airline joins united and southwest in offering that direct route.

"Competition is a good thing, certainly we want to give our customers choices and we've priced our flights to be competitive with southwest airlines as well," said Edward Kohrik.

One of the benefits they say they have over southwest is giving Tucsonans a connection point to destinations in Asia and the pacific.

And if the new flight schedule is successful.

"Our first flight to Los Angeles was completely full so certainly that a good sign, indicates potential growth opportunities for more service here in Tucson," said Couttes.

American Eagle will have three departing and three arriving flights to and from Los Angeles each day.