Tucson renames General Plan hoping to garner public interest

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- What's in a name?  The City of Tucson hopes it'll mean more community involvement as it revamps its "General Plan."  A state planning requirement that comes around every ten years.

Dozens of people packed a room at the main library downtown was the first of six introductory meetings on the General Plan.  By law the plan is required to be readopted or completely new.

"It looks at all the elements that are important for a well functioning city and in each one it considers the policies the sort of way up in the air policies," said Rebecca Ruopp from Plan Tucson.

The elements include jobs, housing and transportation.

The term "General Plan" is well, too generic.  And that's why the city is changing it.

"First of all the name, I know, doesn't sound too exciting.  Which is why we've named it, 'Plan Tucson,' to try to make it a little more exciting,"

Rebecca Ruopp says Plan Tucson is in the beginning stages as of right now.  Bob Cook who was in the audience has had his hand in the the General Plan in some fashion for the last 15 years.

"I believe in the updating process I think that times have changed were not in a growth mode now were in a slow growth or a stalled growth," said Cook.

The city is hoping to learn from plans in the past so the new one can show signs of growth.

"There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the first plan and what were looking to do is learn those lessons," said Cook.

The goal is to have the plan completed in a year so mayor and council can vote on it.

Councilman Paul Cunningham says having a plan is great, but the key is getting the plan completed.

"The thing about plans are that their plans and its really the execution and the follow through that makes plans work," said Councilman Cunningham.

The city is hoping to have the plan ready for voters during the general election in 2013.

To learn more about the plan or the next meetings, visit Plan Tucson.