School board member mising for months attends first meeting

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PHOENIX-- A school board member who was missing in action for months attended her first meeting Tuesday night.

Irma Moreno was elected to the Roosevelt School District's Governing Board in November and then vanished. District officials say they tried to reach her by phone and letter but never heard from her.

3TV finally tracked her down last month.

Moreno, 40, said she was dealing with an onslaught of personal problems -- her mother's death, a breakup and unreliable transportation. She also said she would assume the position if it was still available to her.

After six missed meetings, Moreno attended her first official proceeding Tuesday. When asked twice if she would like to say anything to the members and those in attendance, Moreno responded with "no comment."

On Tuesday morning, district leaders held a press conference asking Moreno to resign.

"You abdicated your right to this office when you did not show up for work for four months and did not get sworn in," said Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Phoenix, District 16).

Parents who attended the meeting were more forgiving.

"I have mixed feelings, but everybody makes mistakes. We're only human," said one parent. "She deserves a second chance."

The next board meeting is April 19. Vowing not to resign, Moreno said she'll be in attendance.

Roosevelt School District is working to reconcile a $6.5 million budget deficit.