Fan club ticket fiasco

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To look at her, you might not guess that Flor Moreno is a huge (and I mean huge!) fan of the Backstreet Boys.

The 33-year-old mother says some people find it surprising. “Whenever I’m listening to the iPod people ask me ‘What are you listening to?’ When I tell them Backstreet Boys they start laughing. You know what? I don’t care,” she told us with a big smile. “I love them. I think they are great.”

So great, Moreno was willing to shell out $415 for their upcoming concert. She bought tickets from a company called Ground (Ctrl). 

Moreno says she was told that if she joined the fan club, she’d get great seats.

She showed 3 On Your Side a confirmation email. Sure enough it said she’d be receiving two tickets; one in Row 8 and one in Row 10.

Moreno was thrilled – until the tickets arrived, “I opened them all excited thinking these are our floor seats. But they weren’t!”

Moreno tried to get some answers from Ground(Ctrl) but says she was having a hard time. In response to her questions the company sent an email saying, “There seems to have been an error.  Unfortunately, the seats on your confirmation are no longer available.”

3 On Your Side reached out to Ground (Ctrl) to find out what happened. They told us the tickets were oversold. The seats promised to Moreno were no longer available.

So we called JohnJay and Rich over at KISS FM.

The morning show DJs went above and beyond. They invited Moreno and her daughter to their studios and that’s not all. “We got you four tickets Row 3,” JohnJay said to a surprised Moreno.

3 On Your Side made sure that she can return the other tickets and get her $415 back. 

For this soft-spoken valley mom, it was all very exciting. “It was more than what I hoped for,” Moreno said, “A lot more.”