Mountain Pointe senior's bat keeping team in the hunt

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PHOENIX - There is a great group of senior catchers out in the East Valley this season. Mountain Pointe's Kevin Cron is among them. Cron has major league potential but he is not looking ahead to the future as he focuses on leading his team to a state title this season.

Mountain Pointe senior catcher Kevin Cron is using his bat and his skill behind the plate and on the mound to get his team back to the state championship game. Last season the Pride fell just short of winning it all.

That loss has motivated Cron and the four other seniors on the team to prove to everyone they are a team to reckon with.

"We were counted out from the beginning, so getting to that game was a really big accomplishment," he said.

Cron's competitive spirit and love for the game is in his genes. His dad coaches in the major leagues and his brother is a player at the University of Utah.

From an early age he played the game, but the more he developed his skill the more his passion for the sport grew.

His father's influence plays a role in driving Cron to achieve the highest success.

Next year, if he isn't drafted to the majors, Cron will play at Texas Christian University.

He said he made the decision because of the coaching staff and the team chemistry he saw when he went to Texas on his official visit.

While his baseball future is bright, Cron has his sights set on taking this team on his back and winning that state title in May.

There are about six teams that will challenge for the state title this year.

Kevin also excels off the diamond with a 3.9 GPA.

On March 25 Cron set the Arizona all-class home run record blasting his 45th home run of his career.

He will more than break that with still a month a half left in the season. In fact the end of this baseball season might turn into an intriguing home run race between Cron and Mesa Red Mountain senior Cole Gleason.