Oliver Stone's pick & flicks and 'Alexander Revisted'

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PHOENIX – Have you ever wondered what a high-powered, Oscar-winning director might recommend movie-wise?

“The Dark Knight” is one of Oliver Stone’s picks. It’s part of a new list Warner Brothers is putting together featuring Stone’s pick and flicks.

Stone’s own film “Alexander Revisited” is out on Blu-Ray today. It’s an extended cut that Stone is very excited about.

It’s two parts with an intermission and features an additional 45 minutes of footage that was not in the 2004 theatrical version, which Stone described as a “heart-breaker.”

He said the five-month editing time, the three-hour cap on running time, and the need for an R rating were constraints that couldn’t be overcome.

“This is a very complex movie … and it deserves better,” he said. “I failed it. That’s why I went back.”

Three years later “Alexander” was released – and criticized – in theaters, he re-cut the film.

“It’s a whole other movie for me, and it’s perhaps one of the most ambitious achievements of my life,” Stone said of “Alexander Revisited.”

On the list of Stone’s flicks are “Natural Born Killers,” “JFK,” Heaven and Earth,” “Any Give Sunday,” and “Reversal of Fortune."

“Casablanca,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” Doctor Zhivago” and “The Exorcist: Director’s Cut" all made Stone's picks list.

Stone said the beauty of movies is that they hold up over time.

“That’s why we revisit them, because they hold up. They’re worth seeing again and again,” he said. “What I love about a movie is that you can see it in the 1990s, then all of a sudden you see it in the 2000s, and it has a different meaning to you.”