Dog caught after hiking I-10 for miles in West Valley

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PHOENIX – In addition to the usual freeway distractions, drivers on Interstate 10 in the west part of the Valley had to keep an eye out for one more thing Tuesday morning – a dog.

3TV first spotted the dog in the area of 67th Avenue, tracking him as he headed east for quite some distance.

The fluffy white dog, which appeared to be some kind of Chow mix, stayed mostly in the median of the westbound lanes, trotting into the HOV lane only a few times.

The Department of Public Safety and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control were called out. A DPS officer followed the dog

At one point, 3TV’s Javier Soto tried to entice the dog further into the median, out of harm’s way, but he also had to be careful not to spook the dog or cause him to dart into traffic. The dog ended up running from Soto and his crew, continuing his trek along the roadway.

An animal control officer was finally able to catch the dog just east of 43rd Avenue. The dog, which by that time had been walking along the freeway for at least 90 minutes, went right up to the man.

While he looked a little tired, dirty, and ragged, the dog did not seem to be injured.

The dog did not appear to wearing a collar or identification. MCACC will check the dog to see if he has a microchip and attempt to contact his owner.